First off Thank You for being here! This is something I have always wanted to do but quite frankly was beyond scared to do. I have always loved clothes, shopping, and have always been into helping people find something they love. Finally after a few months of some encouragement from my family and friends and a very frustrating trip shopping for an outfit for a shower I decided now is the time. I was done, defeated, and honestly was quite over the feeling of having zero options for someone who is curvy. I wanted a space for a curvy woman could feel confident in what they were wearing and where they were shopping. I wanted a place where curvy wasn't a small section in the back.

The idea for Mid-West Boutique was born after my gracious mom offered me a space in my old room at home to house my dream. Mid-West Boutique comes from our location as we all know Midwest is best and we will be known for our Mid size clothing. Mid-West Boutique specializes in 1X - 3X and bringing you trendy and comfy fashion!